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Facing the rapid technology change, ACS is aware that the company must stay at the cutting edge of technology research, and look for ways to make use of technologies to develop state-of-the-art products. Year after year, ACS dedicates strenuous efforts to make its products smarter and faster. A number of ACS R&D products and solutions are deployed in the markets. They are:


Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS)

Baggage Reconciliation System is another solution using for baggage handling, other than BHS. BRS not only helps baggage delivery correctly but also helps staff works more efficient. ACS designed its own BRS. It consists of several modules, including 360X barcode scanner, CCTV/IP camera, mobile barcode scanner, in-door & outdoor wireless network, kiosk, database, server and application software.

   Download Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) DM

ABagCS, The Cutting Age BHS Central Control System

ACS designed the BHS control and monitoring system, an Advanced Baggage Control System(ABagCS). It is a redundant control architecture to bear 24x7 airport operation and provides real-time information for operation and management.

  Download ABagCS DM

The Advanced 3D Simulation for BHS Operation

ACS developed special 3D simulation software for BHS. The historical data play back function also provided. It helps in baggage handling planning, expansion design, historical performance, and maintenance arrangement checks. Using existing BHS data to train ACS simulation model, it will foresee the coming or display historical baggage handling conditions of individual airport.

   Download 3D Simulation for BHS Operation DM


l    Baggage Handling System  

    The baggage handling performance is one of key performance indexes of airport operations, and very crucial one. Especially in large airports, baggage of passengers need efficient baggage handling system to secure and catch up the process with satisfactions. In the meantime, baggage handling system (BHS) will reduce the operation cost, time and error of baggage operations for airport. With productive functions, ABagCS is the best answer of BHS solution.


l    Making Plants SMARTER and SAFER and MORE PROFITABLE  

    FALCONEERTM IV provides the information you need on a daily basis for decision-making, cost reduction, production optimization, and safety. FALCONEERTM helps in two key areas: process information management, and process performance auditing & advising.

FALCONEERTM IV manages process information in real-time from your control system & data historian. It brings this information to your desktop via a digital dashboard that provides advice, alerts, reports, graphs, and emails.

FALCONEERTM IV incorporates your current process knowledge to continuously & intelligently audit process performance. It then advises when there are operational, instrumentation & equipment condition issues that require attention, and when key performance indicators (KPIs) demand action. This real-time advice is crucial, because it's not only WHAT you need to know that is important, but WHEN you need to know it.


l    ANNDOE -- The Artificial Neural Network Design for Experiment

    ANNDOE is an advanced artificial intelligence software package using Neural Network Technology, and designed for industrial requirements involved in Design of Experiment (DOE), Formula Matching, Product Design, Process Improvement, Production Prediction, and Research, etc.


l    HAZACS -- The Plant Hazard Operation Analyst

    Base on HAZOP analysis method, HAZACS conducts the engineer to identify possible process anomalies, and helps the engineer in completing the process safety evaluation report required by the government.


l    ScadACS -- The Integrated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System

    ScadACS provides a dynamic and efficient platform for various application fields. User can build his own application quickly through the configuration tool. This system is user-maintainable, scalable and easy to be integrated with other existing products in the market.


l    LIMACS -- The Lab Data Management System

    LIMACS provide sufficient and flexible functions for Lab management use. All the analysis and measuring reports are easily to configure and generate.


l    Field Inspection PDA System
   To assist the maintenance staff for field equipment inspection activity, ACS has developed PDA solution for field inspection data check and input. With PDA characteristics, the new solution can minimize the data entry efforts and mistake, and provide the off-line data check functions. More convenience, more safety, and cost saving are the major benefits the Field Inspection PDA System could bring to clients.

l    NeuroNet Master
    The Neural Network theory originned from 1950, scientists started to simulate human cerebrum organization and find the way to build a model called "perceptron". This was the earliest neural model. Recently, due to new computer revolution, more new theories and ideas become more formidable and widespread