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Since 1987 founded, CTCI Advanced Systems Inc.(CTCI ASI)(aka Advanced Control & Systems Inc. (ACS)) devoted itself in System Integration market in Taiwan. The HQ office is located in Taipei and branches in Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, & Taichung. For China market, there is a subsidiary, called CTCI Advanced Systems Shanghai Inc., located in Shanghai as well.


Exploring in Computer, Network, Software, Communication, Control & Information


CTCI ASI could provide system planning, design, integration and engineering services for various IT systems. There are major specialized business fields specified as the followings:

  • Internet Applications;
  • Plant Automation Systems;
  • Process Control Systems;
  • Communication Systems;
  • Transportation Monitoring & Control Systems;
  • Environment Monitoring & Control Systems;
  • Clean-Room/HVAC/E&M Systems;
  • Product Distribution and Services;
  • System Engineering & Integration Services;
  • Consultancy Services;


For every planning, design and implementation, CTCI ASI is constantly focus in service quality and schedule control, also the performance to the client as well. In 1997, CTCI ASI successfully was certified by DNV the ISO-9001 Certification, and 2003 for the 2000 ver. ISO-9001 Certification again. These all expressed how we care about the quality and the pragmatic philosophy of management.


Research & Alliance Strategy


To catch the trend of technology and the special needs of clients, CTCI ASI pays lots efforts in new technology or product development every year. With the achievements, CTCI ASI could obtain the new technologies and core competences in the market as leader.  

In the meantime, to keep on the pace of technology trend, satisfy the various changing requests from clients, CTCI ASI alliances with many famous global companies, such as Siemens, ALSTOM, HP, etc., for strategic development in this market. Through the strategic cooperation, CTCI ASI could provide more enhanced solution and service to clients.


International Exploration with Innovation


Looking into the future, new technology introduction and new product development will still be CTCI ASI strongly persistence, to diversify the business field, and service with innovation. International market exploration in C3I business area and building-up the invincible creative team for the market will be CTCI ASI long goal of pursuance.


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